Republicans Are Trying To Get Rid Of Jim Jordan, But He Hilariously Refuses To Leave

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House Republicans didn’t want their old Speaker, so they kicked him out. House Republicans didn’t want Jim Jordan to be Speaker, but he refuses to leave.

CNN reported that Jordan’s opponents told him that he will never be Speaker, “Every single holdout we talked to said their minds are not changed and they are standing firm in their opposition to Jim Jordan. In fact, during that meeting, we’re told that they encouraged Jim Jordan to drop out of the race and that they delivered a blunt message to him, which is that you’re not going to be Speaker and this is the right thing for you to do which is to drop out.


Jordan’s response has been to potentially ask for a new Speaker vote tonight:

The leadership is pushing Jordan for an answer as to whether he wants a vote on his speaker bid tonight. He has not given them an answer, multiple sources told me and @bresreports

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) October 19, 2023

It is not a good indication of Jordan’s decision-making abilities if he can’t even decide whether or not he wants to hold a vote. Rep. Jordan rejected a plan to empower temporary Speaker McHenry so that the House could function while Republicans work through the speaker mess because Jim Jordan wants to wear his opponents down and force them to vote for him, even if that means shutting down the government.

It is hilarious that House Republicans could elect Kevin McCarthy, then they booted out Kevin McCarthy, and now they are stuck with a candidate that they don’t want and seemingly can’t get rid of.

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