Republicans Hand The House To Democrats By Authorizing Evidence Free Biden Impeachment Probe

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The Republican House majority has been defined by failure and incompetence, but the move that may end their majority was voting for the folly known as the Biden impeachment investigation.

The vote was 221-212-1. No Democrats voted for the resolution, and no Republicans voted against it.


Republicans authorize the Biden impeachment investigation 221-212-1. It was a party-line vote that House Republicans will now own.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 13, 2023

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin characterized Republicans as refusing to take yes for an answer at the closed door meeting where Hunter Biden was supposed to be deposed, “Chairmen Comer and [Jim] Jordan will not take yes for an answer and are instead obstructing their own investigation by preventing Hunter Biden from appearing before the Committee and the American people because they know the truth and the facts will only serve to further expose this embarrassing impeachment inquiry for the sham that it is.

Republicans don’t want a clear and transparent process. Republicans don’t want to present actual evidence to the American people.

The Biden impeachment investigation is a con that House Republicans backed to appease Donald Trump.

18 House Republicans represent districts that President Biden won in 2020. Those Republicans will have to answer to their constituents in less than a year.

Republicans have made a lot of terrible moves in the majority, but pursuing baseless Biden impeachment is one of their worst, and will likely cost them the House in 2024.

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