Republicans Only Have A 4 Seat House Majority And The DOJ Has Rep. Scott Perry’s Emails

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Multiple investigations, including the 1/6 Committee, have uncovered the large role that Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) played in Trump’s attempted coup, and now the DOJ has Perry’s emails.

Hugo Lowell of The Guardian tweeted:

DOJ also obtained drafts of Clark’s autobiography — which included passage about how Trump said of the letter Clark drafted for DOJ to send to states, in effort to replace Biden electors with Trump electors: “Good letter”

— Hugo Lowell (@hugolowell) December 16, 2022

Perry’s emails are part of the materials that were obtained by the DOJ in their ongoing investigation into Trump’s plot to overturn the election that he lost to President Biden in 2020.

Rep. Perry was the person who pushed for Trump to appoint Clark to be the next Attorney General and appears to have been heavily involved in the scheme.

The FBI has seized Perry’s cell phone.

If Rep. Perry were criminally charged and convicted, he would have to leave the House, which would reduce the GOP House majority by 25% until a special election could be held to fill the seat.

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Perry is an example of why House Republicans are trying to shut down any investigation and threatening the DOJ with defunding if they expand their potential net to charge members of Congress with crimes.

If just a few House Republicans were charged, they would lose the majority.

Rep. Perry was heavily involved in the scheme, and if a member of Congress does get charged, he is the most likely candidate.

It would be fitting if standing with Trump’s coup ended up costing House Republicans their majority.

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