Ron DeSantis Asked Disney To Drop Their Lawsuit, Instead They Sued Him For Damages

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Ron DeSantis said he would like to move on from his fight with Disney, but the company sued him for damages.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The counterclaims were filed as part of Disney’s defenses to the suit by the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) accusing the company of illegally stripping the board of its authority. Disney is also suing DeSantis in federal court, accusing him of illegally voiding an agreement that purported to transfer certain powers of its now-dissolved special district back to the company. On Monday, he urged Disney to “drop the lawsuit,” saying he’s “moved on.”

Thursday’s filing accused the CFTOD of breach of contract for challenging its “duty to perform under the contracts, including by declaring them void.” As a result of the board’s failure to comply with the agreements, “Disney has suffered and will continue to suffer damages” and will be “irreparably harmed if the District is allowed to avoid its contractual obligations,” wrote Daniel Petrocelli, a lawyer for the company, in the filing.

Remember when Ron DeSantis was going to make his presidential campaign all about how he stood up to ‘woke’ Disney and he was going to be a hero to the right who would ride a wave of praise past Donald Trump and straight to the White House?

That’s gone so badly that DeSantis tried to put the whole fiasco in the past, only to have The Mouse come after him.

DeSantis picked this fight with Disney because the company spoke out against his don’t say gay law. Ron DeSantis tried to use Disney as a platform for his presidential campaign, and it has gone wrong.

The Disney debacle hurt DeSantis and revealed his weakness. In a moment of lucidity, Trump jumped on the point that DeSantis lost to Mickey Mouse, and the Florida governor has been unable to recover.

Ron DeSantis wants to move on, but Disney is showing no mercy.

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