Rudy Giuliani Could Be Finished If Forced To Pay Rudy Freeman And Shaye Moss

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Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer argued in court that a big award for Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss in the penalty phase of the defamation lawsuit would be the end of Giuliani.

The Guardian reported:

A jury decision awarding tens of millions of dollars in damages for defamation would be a “death penalty” for Rudy Giuliani, his lawyer said during opening statements in a trial that got underway Monday.

Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss are seeking between $15m and $43m in compensatory and punitive damages after Giuliani made false statements about them after the 2020 election. “If you award them what they are asking for, it will be the end of Mr Giuliani,” Joseph Sibley, Giuliani’s attorney said. Giuliani’s financial difficulties amid mounting legal troubles have been widely reported.

Rudy Giuliani is facing a criminal trial in Georgia, and several legal actions where he is a defendant. Giuliani’s money troubles are well known. Trump was so worried about Giuliani flipping on him that he held a fundraiser for his former lawyer to help him pay his legal bills.

Giuliani’s defense that he is using is that Moss and Freeman were harmed, but he didn’t do it.

The I didn’t do it defense probably isn’t going to work. The civil cases combined with the criminal case and the ongoing investigations all look like the end of the line for Rudy Giuliani.

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