SANGUISUGABOGG, OMEGA INFINITY, INSOMNIUM & More Among Gimme Metal’s Top Tracks of the Week

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Here’s the five songs buzzing through the Gimme Metal office.

Sanguisugabogg – “Necrosexual Deviant”

Homicidal Ecstasy (out February 3 on Century Media) finds Ohio’’s Sanguisugabogg firmly entrenched in their trademark brand of filthy death metal once again. Dungeon atmospherics, zombifying brain-shred, brutal vocals flying in the face of a sewage-storm attack. Buy Now on Gimme Metal.

Omega Infinity – “Iron Age”

Hurling themselves yet again into the black void of the universe, Omega Infinity‘s brand of space travel emanates from a black metal base into expansive, otherwordly realms. Their second LP The Anticurrent takes on a more time-centric theme, the universe’s birth and evolution and mankind’s microscopic presence therein. It’s out February 24 on Season of Mist.

Insomnium – “White Christ”

Anno 1696 is a hopeless journey based on their bassist/vocalist Niilo Sevänen‘s short story, full of sorrowful keyboards and drifting melodies. These Finns have fine-tuned their craft well over this years, with this song in particular being a bit of a departure in the norm, abetted by Rotting Christ‘s Sakis Tolis joining in on guest-vox. We’ve got Markus from the band hosting Gimme on February 8! Buy Now On Gimme Metal.

Contrarian – “In Gehenna”

Hailing from Rochester, this lot rear their heads with a particularly flashy, technical brand of prog-death that pulls no punches. Busy, disparate sections blaze with hyper-proficiency yet remain cohesive and storytelling, and their fifth LP Sage of Shekhinah coming March 17 on Willowtip.

Tribunal – “Without Answer”

A heap of cello-infused doom from this Vancouver clan, glacially surging through heavy motions bathed in dark reverb. While orchestral and gothic in nature, the guitar burrows through the mix forcefully while death/black metal vocal punctuations dot the landscape. Crashing drums, oceanic swells of sounds abound. Buy Now on Gimme Metal

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