SHAVO ODADJIAN Recalls His Most Unforgettable Moments With SYSTEM OF A DOWN

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Shavo Odadjian, bassist for System of a Down, recently opened up about his most cherished experiences as a member of the band. In a candid interview with Cannabis Now, Odadjian delved into some “coolest moments” that stand out amongst his years of rocking audiences worldwide.

The first Odadjian chose was the band’s appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. He remembered: “When we were the musical guest at Saturday Night Live, that was amazing. Now that was ridiculous. That’s a moment I’ll never forget.”

Another unforgettable experience Odadjian mentioned was performing at Brazil’s Rock In Rio for the first time: “When we played Rock In Rio for the first time in front of a sea of people, an ocean of humanity and energy with 300,000 fans screaming and singing our songs back to us. So great.”

Obviously, System of a Down Grammy win in the Best Hard Rock Performance category with “B.Y.O.B.” is also forever etched in Odadjian‘s memory: “The third has to be the Grammy we won. We didn’t go to the actual award show that year, something I now kind of regret. I would’ve loved to experience it.

“I was at home having a burger when I got a call saying ‘Congratulations, you just won a Grammy,’ and I called my brother, my two cousins, and a friend and rented a limo. It took them to all the Grammy after-parties because I was definitely going to take family to this, something they’d never experience otherwise. We had a great night.”

As for the counterparts to those great memories, Shavo seems to regret the lack of output from the band: “The low moments are only the human moments when we don’t do as many things as we want. Because it takes four of us to agree on everything and not all of us are on the same page.”

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