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The phrase “adapt or die” is a common saying for business owners and entrepreneurs in today’s world. While new technology and innovative ideas keep things fresh and exciting, they have also created more competition than ever. For example, you may still be disadvantaged despite having a great product or service because your competitors are more innovative with their marketing, and you can’t keep up.

That’s where Sherry Johnson, the founder, and president of the Laser Focused Business Development agency, comes in. With a highly-qualified HR background, Sherry knows how to read trends and find solutions before anyone else does. As a corporate veteran with an extensive resume that includes helping many companies scale up successfully, she knows how to transform failing businesses into thriving enterprises with tested and true techniques.

Her accomplishments include serving as Treasurer, Vice President, and President of Gaston HR (local SHRM chapter) and acting as the Project Chairperson for Gaston County Autism Society. Aside from being a business owner and digital marketing expert, Sherry also serves on the RHA Health Services Human Rights Committee.

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of social media for business lately. However, Sherry says it’s not just about the channels you use or how often you post. It also includes a wide range of other factors like branding, product and service quality, marketing strategy, and much more. Sherry and her team at Laser Focused Business Development specialize in creating customized solutions for each client. From social media marketing and analytics to website development and brand strategy, the team takes time to understand your specific needs and uses that knowledge to help you get ahead.

“It’s no longer business as usual,” Sherry shares. “The future of business requires a shift from a product-centric focus to an experience-driven focus with customer service at its core. As you can see, the digital landscape is ever-changing, and if you don’t change with it, you’ll be left behind. It’s never too late to get started though,” she encourages. Sherry remains committed to helping business owners who constantly feel like their competitors are breathing down their necks, which we all feel at some point in our lives.

A few years ago, Sherry had an epiphany to launch an athletic program for challenged children in Gaston County, NC, called SACC (Structured Athletics for Challenged Children) with her husband, and each day brought more excitement as these kids learned how to play sports just like other kids. Despite being differently-abled than other kids, these children still thrived in their chosen sport because they each had a buddy to assist them in whatever way they needed.  This led to her starting her full-service digital marketing agency.

“I get the same satisfaction when I help a business develop and become more successful,” Sherry shares. In her role as a digital marketing strategist, she offers her support to struggling businesses and helps them overcome one obstacle at a time. She knows how to help businesses find their footing when change occurs, a valuable skill for any business looking to navigate this digital landscape intact.

With her help as an HR expert with years in corporate America under her belt, Sherry will teach your company to thrive in today’s digital landscape while beating competitors and driving success. Connect with her on her website to create a winning strategy for your business today.

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