Sidney Powell To Plead Guilty And Give Trump A Massive Georgia Problem

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Sidney Powell will plead guilty in the Georgia Trump RICO case, which means that Donald Trump has a massive new legal problem.

NEWS: Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell is pleading guilty in the Georgia election subversion case, one day before her trial was scheduled to begin.


— Zachary Cohen (@ZcohenCNN) October 19, 2023

The Kraken Might Be Flipping On Trump

Powell’s trial was about to begin this week. It is logical that Sidney Powell will plead guilty because all of the other high-profile defendants in the case, from Trump on down, had decided on a legal strategy to blame Sidney Powell for everything. 

It is true that Powell was one of the people who put the bug in Trump’s ear about overturning state election results, but she was far from the only person saying this and she did not act alone. The person who decided to attempt a coup against the United States government was Donald Trump.

Powell’s guilty plea will almost certainly come with a promise of cooperation with the prosecution, and that is where things could get dangerous for Donald Trump.

Sidney Powel was closely involved with the breaches of voting equipment in Georgia, Michigan, and other states. Powell had conversations with Trump and Giuliani. She can provide a lot of detail to the prosecution that Fulton County DA Fani Willis is leading.

It is too early to say that Powell has flipped on Trump. It can be accurately said that no matter what, Powell’s guilty plea is very bad news for the former president.

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