Spiraling Trump To Skip Fox News Republican Debate

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Donald Trump has made it official. He is rejecting democracy and skipping the first Republican debate in favor of an interview with Tucker Carlson.

The New York Times reported:

Former President Donald J. Trump plans to upstage the first Republican primary debate on Wednesday by sitting for an online interview with the former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, according to multiple people briefed on the matter.

In the past 24 hours, Mr. Trump has told people close to him that he has made up his mind and will skip the debate in Milwaukee, according to two of the people briefed on the matter.

No matter how a person feels about the Republican Party or Fox News, it is undemocratic for a candidate to think that they don’t have to debate their opponents to win the support of voters in a contested primary. On the Democratic side, it makes sense not to hold debates because President Biden isn’t being credibly challenged.

The Republican primary features a dozen candidates. The vast majority of them will be on the debate stage. Trump is acting like he is entitled to the nomination, and it should be given to him.

Trump is hiding from the voters. The former president is hiding from being asked about his indictments. 

Most of all, Trump is showing his hatred of democracy by refusing to debate.

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