STATIC DRESS Parts Ways With Bassist

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Static Dress has parted ways with founding bassist and vocalist Connor Reilly. In a statement, Reilly reveals he’s been in debt due to some poor choices made as a teenager, and hasn’t been able to fully focus on the band. Reilly has been filled in for live in recent shows by George Holding.

Reilly‘s departure leaves lead vocalist Olli Appleyard as the sole founding member of the band.

“It’s time,” said Reilly in a statement. “I know none of you are silly and have more than likely clocked on by now but for the unaware; I’ve stepped down from playing bass in Static Dress.

“This’ll be lengthy so I’m throwing a curveball early tl/dr for anyone who’s busy getting 99’s on Runescape (like me) – this was my decision and everyone involved in Static Dress did everything they could alongside me to potentially avoid this decision being made.

“When I turned 18 I made some unhealthy financial decisions without considering the consequences and for a long time now debt has clogged up my brain and for an even longer time I put it to the side which was the only worst thing I could’ve possibly done. I didn’t bring this up to the rest of the band until just before the Knocked Loose tour. Olli said ‘tell us what’s wrong, you’re not yourself.’

“On tour all I could think about was making money to be able to pay for essentially my life back home and when I was home all I could do was work and couldn’t afford time to put into the band which, ultimately, is unfair on everything Olli and I started years ago.

“Moral of the story here is make sure you have your life in check before you start to pursue a career which you’ll need to make lots of sacrifices for. Being in a band is more than a hobby and a job, it’s a very busy and demanding industry that you need to make sure you’re ready for.

“Onto the good shit.

George has been filling in for me for a long time now and has been doing the absolute best job. He’s insane and a pure legend and I’m proud to call him my friend and see him play live. Thank you for being you mate.

“I’m going to miss the live shows with my best friends, however they’re going to be the biggest band in the world and nobody can change my mind. From writing Clean with Olli in my Mum and Dad’s dining room to being on a bus tour with one of my favourite bands growing up and playing a venue I never thought I’d get to play, it’s been a fantastic journey and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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