Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Biden And Hands Greg Abbott Border Defeat

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By a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration could take down Gov. Greg Abbott’s floating razor-wire migrant death traps along the border.

The ruling:

#BREAKING: By 5-4 vote, #SCOTUS *grants* Biden administration request to vacate Fifth Circuit injunction in Texas border razor-wire case; clears way for federal officials to remove physical impediments to the border.

Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh dissent.

— Steve Vladeck (@steve_vladeck) January 22, 2024

Immigration policy is the jurisdiction of the federal government. The 5th Circuit Court injunction blocking the Biden administration from taking down state placed impediments to the border was unconstitutional. It may come as a shock to Gov. Abbott, but the Articles of Confederation are no longer governing the United States. States do not have power over international borders.

Republicans, like Gov. Abbott, continue to engage in cruel stunts along the border. At the same time, Republicans in Congress refuse to agree to any policy changes that could help the situation because they are trying to use the issue to help Donald Trump in 2024.

Instead of working on a comprehensive immigration policy, Republicans are playing games, but today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Biden.

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