Takuya Davis, CEO Of Mitsuoka & Company, Is An Expert At Perfecting Employment Opportunities

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Davis claims an entrepreneur’s greatest capital is always the people around them. As an expert in the “people business,” he knows what to look for in finding the perfect match for corporate clients seeking to hire for a specific job description

True entrepreneurs recognize opportunity and embark on grand adventures in business. Takuya Davis, CEO of Mitsuoka & Company, a full-service recruiting company, has an impressive collection of entrepreneurial history and traits. Having gained experience in corporate positions, he prefers the feeling of being in the driver’s seat as a business owner. “When it comes to business, I always feel most confident betting on myself.” 

Davis invested in his first business venture, a painting company, when he was 18 years old and in college. After earning a business degree, he was an owner-operator of a tanning salon, a restaurant, a designer floor covering company, a roofing company, a solar company, and he gained a lot of franchise sales experience along the way. Although he is still involved in some of those interests, in 2018, Davis started Mitsuoka & Company, a perfect landing spot for a gentleman who has filled so many business roles. He knows what to look for in finding the perfect match for corporate clients seeking to hire for a specific job description.  

When asked how he became so successful at scaling businesses, Davis says, “Mostly it involves putting the right person in the right position. Experience taught me that my greatest capital is always the people around me.” He claims the products and services he is involved with might change, but he is always in the people business.

When Davis invests in a business, he analyzes the people, determines where the company’s greatest strengths and weaknesses lie, and gets a feel for its goals and objectives. He unearths the organization’s recreational, financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical goals. “If they already have an existing set of core values that they live by, I can then determine how well each person fits with them,” says Davis. “When considering 10-year, 3-year, 1-year plans, aligning with the company’s vision and steering the company in the right direction can sometimes feel like we are taking two steps forward and multiple steps in reverse.”

Davis believes synergy within human resources is crucial because it is not easy to steer a company in the right direction without it. He has worked with talented, kick-ass, high-performers who were not a good fit for a company. Hiring and firing decisions are always challenging, so he understands employers’ stress in recruiting new staff. “Since the pandemic, high-performing workers are scarce, and I am in a position to help businesses go after and get good talent,” he says. “This is vital because a successful business is built around good people.”

When the pandemic hit, and some of his businesses relied on face-to-face interactions, he was quick to pivot and capitalize on the ability to handle even more business virtually. He reports he played offense and hired even more representatives, doubling down on recruiting efforts, changing how they managed appointments, but continuing to be successful by leveraging technology.

In all of his business dealings, Davis strives to align his decisions with his family values. “I weigh every business decision, deciding if it is in keeping with the legacy I want to leave for my family.” He has personal goals about the number of people he wants to impact and hopes to leave a better carbon footprint – and the world a better place. He dreams of being regret-free at the end of his life and hopes to reach a point when he can be a full-time dad, have passive income, and work only when it is desirable and convenient. 

Davis began creating vision boards when he was 21, and he has steadily been checking off the boxes on his goals list. As an avid reader, Davis says he has a whole library of mentors. He is constantly reading or listening to a good book. He says wise advice is usually as close as his bookshelf, while he cites his parents as being major role models in his life. After accumulating expertise as an entrepreneur, recent years have found him majoring in how to be the husband and father he wants to be. He says he is constantly adapting to everything his children are learning in school and life. They are also among his most valuable mentors.

Takuya Davis will be an excellent resource for companies ready to hire exceptional talent. With a proven track record of success, he knows high-performers when he sees them and is an expert at matching the right person with the right job. To learn more about Davis and his matchmaking skills, he is easily accessible at Mitsuoka & Company.


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