Team Trump Is Melting Down Over Potential August RICO Trial

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Trump’s campaign is lashing out at Fulton County, GA District Attorney Fani Willis for requesting a trial date in August 2024.

Here is the statement from Trump’s spokesperson:

New: Trump spokesperson attacks as political Futon County DA request to set trial for Aug. 5 (which came about partly bc of schedule uncertainty in the classified docs case)

— Hugo Lowell (@hugolowell) November 17, 2023

There is something darkly humorous about Trump thinking that President Biden is multiple prosecutors in multiple jurisdictions to keep him in court all through the 2024 election year.

Republicans can’t decide whether Joe Biden is too old to be president or a mastermind who is running a wide ranging scheme to stop Donald Trump from returning to the White House. It can’t be both. Trump has spent years screaming that Biden is not really in charge of the country, but now that he is going on trial, Biden is a super genius that is leading a conspiracy against the former president.

Two facts destroy Trump’s premise. The only reason Donald Trump is going to spend of 2024 on trial is that he is accused of committing 91 felonies. Secondly, Biden doesn’t have to scheme to beat Trump because he already beat him in 2020.

Donald Trump was never going to take a potential August 2024 trial date well, but he and his campaign team are taking it worse than anyone expected.

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