TESSERACT Begins Teasing New Material

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Five years after Sonder and it looks like we’re finally getting some new Tesseract!

Not much is known at the moment outside Tesseract posting the below teaser to their Instagram. The teaser has the quote “With eyes open, we choose to walk through the debris” attributed to a character named The Scribe, while the video itself comes from “The Strangeland” and there’s something else called “The Dream” in the bottom right. So yes, it’s time to board the Tesseract hype train.

Tesseract guitarist James Monteith said in an interview with Knotfest last year that the new album will be more organic, and will forgo the usual “djent recorded in the bedroom” style of production.

“All of the previous Tesseract record really have been done in very much a bedroom-ey, very sort of digital style, whereas this has been done like a traditional rock record [in a studio]. I feel like it might be a real step in a fresh direction for Tesseract while still being true to the sound that we try to make.”

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