The House Freedom Caucus May Dump Marjorie Taylor Greene

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The House Freedom Caucus took a vote on Friday that went against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) which means that she could soon be booted out of the right wing group.

Politico reported:

House Freedom Caucus members took a momentous vote Friday on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s future with the group, according to three people familiar with the matter — but it’s not yet clear whether she’s been officially ejected.

The right-flank group took up Greene’s status amid an internal push, first reported by POLITICO, to consider purging members who are inactive or at odds with the Freedom Caucus. Greene’s close alliance with Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and her accompanying criticism of colleagues in the group, has put her on the opposite side of a bloc that made its name opposing GOP leadership.

Greene’s pact with Kevin McCarthy has put her at odds with the Freedom Caucus. The vote occurred after Greene got into a high profile fight with Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) who happens to be on the Freedom Caucus board.

The Freedom Caucus has been the primary critic of Kevin McCarthy during his speakership. The group recently rumbled about pushing for a vote to oust McCarthy after he caved to President Biden on the debt limit deal.

There is some question within the group over whether its rule requiring an 80% vote on matters applies only to legislation or on all issues involving members. The 80% threshold means that there might not be enough votes to oust Greene, but if most of the caucus is against her, it would appear that the Georgia congresswoman’s days as a member could be numbered.

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