Transforming Vision into Legacy: The HolonPublishing Journey

Founded by Jeremy Gotwals, HolonPublishing has redefined the essence of storytelling and publishing since its inception in 2011. Under Gotwals’ visionary leadership, this avant-garde entity has established itself as a beacon for “legendary leaders, sages, and visionaries,” empowering them to share their invaluable insights and narratives with the world. With a commitment to innovation, integrity, and inclusivity, HolonPublishing stands as the next evolution in publishing and media.

Why Holon? A Commitment to Empowerment

At the heart of HolonPublishing’s ethos is a profound dedication to the storyteller’s sovereignty. Authors retain 100% of their rights, control, and royalties, marking a departure from traditional publishing paradigms. Holon’s global distribution network spans over 40,000 retailers, ensuring that authors’ voices are heard far and wide.

Our People: Crafting Stories with Care

The Holon team is a mosaic of industry mavens—editors, designers, marketing experts, and media production specialists—who bring a combined expertise of over four decades to the table. This diverse talent pool is instrumental in transforming raw narratives into polished gems, guiding each author through the intricate journey from conception to publication.

Purpose & Manifesto: Beyond Books

HolonPublishing’s mission transcends the printed page. It’s about amplifying impact, authority, and revenue for authors through a multifaceted approach. From bestselling book launches to immersive media creations like audiobooks and full-length documentaries, Holon offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate an author’s brand beyond conventional boundaries.

Solutions Tailored for Every Storyteller

Whether it’s hands-on guidance through the writing and publishing process or employing Holon’s “done for you” services for those with a vision but limited time, the company offers bespoke solutions. With Holon, authors can transition from concept to bestseller with minimal personal time investment, leveraging the expertise of seasoned ghostwriters and marketing professionals.

Community and Collaboration: The Holon Ethos

HolonPublishing fosters a vibrant community of authors and creators, encouraging collaboration and mutual support. Through anthologies, workshops, and speaking events, Holon cultivates an environment where ideas flourish and collective wisdom is shared.

Envisioning the Future

As HolonPublishing continues to innovate and expand its horizons, Jeremy Gotwals’ vision of a more accessible, equitable, and dynamic publishing landscape is becoming a reality. By prioritizing the storyteller’s autonomy and leveraging cutting-edge media and marketing strategies, Holon is setting new standards for what it means to share one’s story with the world.

In an era where content is king, HolonPublishing and Jeremy Gotwals are reimagining the realm of possibilities for authors and thinkers worldwide, making it an exhilarating time to be a part of the storytelling revolution.


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