The New York Attorney General Busts Ivanka Trump

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It turns out that Ivanka Trump hasn’t really distanced herself from her father. She has been making money and doing business as a part of the Trump Organization since she left the White House.

Prosecutors from the New York Attorney General’s Office wrote in a court filing:

The proof that the New York Attorney General provided that Ivanka Trump was still doing business in New York was important because it made her have to testify in the case against the Trump Organization. Ivanka Trump had previously gotten the court to remove her as a defendant, but the former president’s daughter was trying to get herself removed as a witness.

However, the judge didn’t buy it.

CBS News reported:

But Judge Arthur Engoron on Friday denied the motion after hearing arguments on the matter, though he said her testimony should not be scheduled before Wednesday to give her time to appeal his ruling.

“Ms. Trump has clearly availed herself of the privilege of doing business in New York,” Engoron said.

The idea that Ivanka Trump had disentangled herself from her father, and moved on was a lie. It was PR spin to keep her name and brand away from Donald Trump, but the truth is that Ivanka Trump was still doing business with the Trump Organization, still making money, and still doing business in New York.

Ivanka Trump didn’t want to testify against her dad, and now she has been exposed as just another Trump fraud.

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