The US Has Never Had A President Defend Clean Energy Like Joe Biden

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The oldest president in US history is also the one who is delivering the most straightforward argument for clean energy, which is what President Biden did during his speech in New Mexico.

The President said, “That’s the thing that holds most when I say that, people look at me like, wind tower, you all know what a wind tower is. They look at me like, what the hell’s a wind tower? That’s a key component, you know, you have to have it to hold up those, but you know how long, by the way I was in eastern Colorado looking at the blade manufacturing. Those blades are 103 yards long. Longer than a football field. And by the way, they don’t cause cancer. And by the way, wind energy is cheaper than fossil fuels. Solar is cheaper.”

Clip of Biden:

I don’t know if I have ever heard a US president say that clean energy is both healthier and cheaper. Biden also spoke about how his policy of investing in the manufacturing of clean energy technology is creating good-paying jobs. Usually, presidents are so terrified of saying anything negative about fossil fuels, or they don’t want to look to supportive of clean energy.

The idea that the United States can either have clean energy or fossil fuels is a false choice. America can do both because a comprehensive strategy creates free market competition, and that is where consumers will benefit the most. President Biden perfectly explained that the fossil fuel industry doesn’t want the competition because clean energy is cheaper and healthier.

Joe Biden isn’t just the oldest president in US history. He is also one of the presidents with the most forward-thinking vision for the future.

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