The White House Calls Out Kevin McCarthy And House Republican Hypocrites For Voting To Raise The Debt Ceiling Without Spending Cuts 3 Times Under Trump

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The White House is calling out the hypocrisy of Kevin McCarthy and House Republican hypocrites who voted to raise the debt ceiling with no spending cuts three times under Trump.

Transcript of Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton’s press gaggle with reporters aboard Air Force One as provided to PoliticusUSA by the White House:

Q On the debt ceiling. Two questions on the debt ceiling. Does the White House have any reaction to Senator Joe Manchin’s ideas for a debt ceiling agreement with the GOP?

MS. DALTON: Look, let me make some broad comments on this first. I think, you know, I just mentioned a moment ago that tomorrow marks two years since the President took office, and his leadership is delivering results on the economy. We’re growing the economy from the bottom up and the middle out. We’re bringing inflation down. We’re creating jobs with historically low unemployment. And we think Republicans should welcome that news and work with us on how to build on it, not set it back.

That means Congress must address the debt limit without conditions. Our posture on this hasn’t changed. There will be no negotiations of the debt ceiling.

And again, Congress must address this without conditions as they did three times under Donald Trump, with bipartisan support.

I also wanted to point out that Kevin McCarthy himself voted three times to lift the debt ceiling under Trump without any spending cuts, and there’s no reason that this position should change.

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It seems that House Republicans and Kevin McCarthy only care about spending cuts when a Democratic is in the White House. McCarthy doesn’t want people to realize that House Republicans are being hypocritical because the debt ceiling is the House GOP’s one big chance this year to try to ransom spending cuts out of Biden and the Democrats.

The White House and Democrats can afford to take a hardline position because they know that they will win. Republicans will get the blame if the nation defaults, as the House GOP position is being undercut by their previous hypocrisy on spending cuts.

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