This ARCHSPIRE Music Video Gets Horrific & Gory Pretty Fast

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Archspire promised an insane music video and they’ve definitely delivered. Watch as everyone in Archspire is slowly but surely murdered by some horrific creature in a night club all while “Bleed The Future” plays in the background. It’s gory as hell, but what else did you expect?

“Attention Archspire fans: If you or someone you know works in the electronics department at any department store we strongly urge you to hijack all tv’s at exactly 10 am PST Thursday July 20th and subject all morning shoppers to our brand new, totally ‘family friendly’ music video!” wrote the band.

“If you do not work at a department store (which you probably should. They have flexible hours and great benefits) we ask that you mark this time and date on your hot firefighters calendar, invite your parents, grandparents and/or any small children in your family over, turn on your TV, turn up your stereo and enjoy this official Archspire live video premiere!

“We guarantee it will be the best family fun viewing event since that titty popped out at that sports game (or whatever). ‘This message brought to you by the Global Management Team of Walmart'”

Catch Archspire at one of the dates below and get your tickets here.

8/3 Velenje (SI) Metaldays

8/4 Munich (DE) Backstage (w/ Shadow Of Intent & Within Destruction)

8/7 Dresden (DE) Reithalle (w/ Shadow Of Intent & Within Destruction)

8/8 Kraków (PL) Kwadrat (w/ Shadow Of Intent & Within Destruction)

8/9 Warsaw (PL) Hybrydy (w/ Signs of the Swarm)

8/10 Schlotheim (DE) Party San

8/11 Jaromer (CZ) Brutal Assault

8/12 Bremen (DE) Tivoli (w/ Converge & Dying Fetus)

8/13 Kortrijk (BE) Alcatraz

8/14 Schweinfurt (DE) Stattbahnhof (w/ Dying Fetus)

8/15 Bochum (DE) Matrix (w/ Dying Fetus)

8/16 Tilburg (NL) 013 (w/ Converge & Dying Fetus)

8/17 Dinkelsbühl (DE) Summer Breeze

8/18 Spital am Semmering (AT) Kaltenbach Open Air

8/20 Carhaix (FR) Motocultor

10/5 Osaka @ Socore Factory

10/6 Nagoya @ Imaike 3Star

10/7 Tokyo @ Cyclone

10/8 Tokyo @ Cycole

w/ Ingested & Werewolves

10/11 Brisbane @ The Zoo

10/12 Canberra @ The Basement

10/13 Sydney @ The Factory Theatre

10/14 Melbourne @ The Corner Hotel

10/15 Adelaide @ Lion Arts Factory

10/17 Perth @ Amplifier Bar (no Werewolves)

w/ Periphery, Plini, Thomas Giles & Mike Dawes

11/4 Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues

11/18 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium

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