This Bag Is My New Quiet Luxury Go-To Accessory — For Under $200

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Ever since I entered my mid-20s and realized the term quiet luxury fully encompassed what I’ve been trying to do — curate a timeless clothing and handbag collection — I’ve been eager to find the latest upcoming brands. While seven-figure weddings and the eye-popping lifestyle of Succession’s Roy family may have popularized the idea, you don’t have to have a trust fund to embody the quiet luxury aesthetic. Thankfully, we’re living in an era where high-quality bags are being created for a fraction of the price of a designer one, and Behno does just that, but even better. Don’t believe me? Take a glance at my latest find from the brand.


The cinched convertible bag is becoming a growing staple among all of New York’s style mavens. If you love the aesthetic of a dumpling bag and are searching for one that’s not so poofy but more compressed and will stay flat against your side, you’ll adore the Ana Mini Convertible Milled Bag. It’s truly a compliment magnet, with passers-by stopping to ask me where the bag is from in checkout lines and appreciating the style for its genuine craftmanship and sleek leather exterior rather than the attraction of a designer logo or print — and I don’t have to tell them it currently costs less than $200.

The luxurious experience goes beyond the bag’s appearance. The luxury handbag label is a sustainable New York-based brand with purses constructed in India, where they prioritize crafting affordable, timeless, and modern silhouettes that you’ll wear for years — all the qualities we love. If that sounds too good to be true, it gets better. The brand is having a wondrous little sale to celebrate the holidays, and my sweet little cinched shoulder bag makes the list. Scroll ahead to learn more about the bag and how I’ve been styling it — or skip straight to the mark downs if you’re ready to go ahead and snag your own.

Cinched bags, from quaint dumpling crossbody bags to oversized clutches, have been the rage lately, and this Ana Mini Convertible Milled Bag is a standout option. Behno has created a convenient convertible design that can easily be worn as a shoulder bag or a crossbody with its adjustable strap. 


When it comes to color, I opted for the dark brown Cacao hue. As someone who rarely steers away from neutral-hued bags, in my usual fashion, I went for a more versatile pick. The deep chocolate shade is elegant, and other shoppers must agree, as only three remain. Since the style is also on sale, you’ll want to hurry if you like the shade! For those who are more adventurous than I am, the handbag is also available in six colors, from cherry pebble red and orange to a light almond.

Once my bag arrived and I ripped through the sustainable packaging, I was face-to-face with my new shoulder bag. The style instantly gave off quiet luxury vibes, as at first glance, you can’t tell what the brand is — unless you take a closer look at the logo embossed into the leather. Additionally, the combination of the textured leather and deep chocolate hue exuded a high-end aesthetic.

After trying it on and showing it off to my husband, I quickly registered an important fact: The shoulder bag won’t fall off your shoulder! PTL for practical wide shoulder straps. The purse was comfortable and super lightweight, and it was nice that the opening was small enough to be covered by my arm from any unwanted eyes since there wasn’t a zipper.

Styled As A Crossbody Bag

Making the shoulder bag a crossbody comes with a bit of trial and error as you have to unbutton and adjust the strap. While I’m not drawn to styling it as a crossbody because of the tedious work, I will say it’s a nice option to have. Maybe more patient folks will find it easy, but, in the meantime, I’ll be sticking to other options for a crossbody. Furthermore, I think the bag is more functional — not to mention cuter — styled as a shoulder bag.


While the bag is adorable with its cinched top, if there’s one con about the Ana Mini Convertible, it’s unfortunately that exact opening. If you carry bigger items daily, getting the products in and out is a hassle. It requires you to bust out some muscle and use your Tetris skills. The bag requires a bit of strength to pull the sides apart to accommodate wider products. However, since I only carry compact items, I don’t mind it. I find it easy to throw items into the bag without fully opening it.

For the pros, as a New Yorker, I appreciate the flat shape and that getting into it took some work. The cinched top was secure, so nothing would fall out unless I turned it over. Also, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I could fit inside. It held my hefty makeup pouch, compact card holder, go-to 30ml Jo Malone London Bluebell perfume, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer. Despite all that, the bag’s exterior was still flat — what sorcery is this? If the cons don’t bother you and you’ve wanted to test out Behno, or you’re a city gal who wants a more practical route to the trendy cinched handbags, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Ana Mini Convertible Milled Bag.

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