THY ART IS MURDER Drops New Single “Keres”

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Thy Art Is Murder is now streaming their monstrous new single “Keres” alongside a music video that belongs in some sort of action-horror movie. It’s killer, and the beefy breakdown and shredding solo certainly don’t hurt either.

“It’s not often we have this level of excitement to present a new single to the world,” said guitarist Andy Marsh explains. “‘Keres’ is a metal anthem filled with grinding verses and stomping choruses, stripping down some of the complexity that may have gotten in the way of previous attempts to deliver a song of this magnitude.

“The Keres was an evil sprite in ancient Greek mythology that would feed on the dead, but could not participate in acts of violence. We think this behavior is as relevant in the arena of news and politics as it was on those ancient battlefields.”

Thy Art Is Murder will release their new record Godlike on September 15 via Human Warfare. You can pre-order that here.

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