TILL LINDEMANN Drops Off This Week’s Blue Ridge Rock Fest Due To Illness

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Till Lindemann and his solo band have dropped off the Blue Ridge Rock Festival kicking off this week due to illness. Lindemann was scheduled to headline the September 8 date of the festival, and was Lindemann‘s only planned solo United States performance of 2023.

“Due to illness, we are saddened to announce that Till Lindemann must regrettably cancel his performance at Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023,” wrote Blue Ridge Rock Festival organizers. “We will be working diligently with Till Lindemann‘s team to bring him back for you in 2024. As we are always committed to doing, we rapidly put in strong offers to several noteworthy acts to step in for Till.

“On this short and unexpected notice, every band had to pass due to lack of band member + crew availability this close to the Festival. We pivoted, and have worked very quickly with the Artists performing on Friday to modify the set times in order to reduce/eliminate the conflicting overlapping sets that you the Fan wanted changed the most. In particular, we have gotten rid of your #1 schedule request of the entire weekend by removing any overlap between Sleep Token and Lorna Shore.

Sleep Token has been moved to the Main Stage. Both their set and Motionless In White‘s have been slightly extended as well, with Motionless now performing later at night. Using your fan feedback, we did our absolute best to accomplish as many of your wishes as possible despite the circumstances. We are not aware of any other cancellations across your 154 Artist Lineup, and look forward to seeing you all very soon for an incredible Rock & Metal Weekend!”

Lindemann has not issued a statement.

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