Trump Bashes Senate Border Deal And Touts His Own Failed Policy

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Donald Trump is criticizing the bipartisan Senate border bill even though his border policies failed.

Why Is Trump Bashing The Senate Border Deal?

Donald Trump posted on Truth Social and criticized the bipartisan Senate border deal, “I didn’t need a big, complex Democrat-oriented Border Bill, which will make Republicans look bad, I just closed the Border, and had, by far, the Safest Border in the History of our Country!”

Trump is lying about closing the border.

CNN reported:

Under the proposed deal, the Department of Homeland Security would be granted new emergency authority to shut down the border if daily average migrants crossing unlawfully reach 4,000 over a one-week span. Certain migrants would be allowed to stay if they proved to be fleeing torture or persecution in their countries.

It’s impossible to close the border to asylum seekers because of current law, despite multiple attempts by Trump to do so while he was in office.

Trump is criticizing the Senate border deal because he wants to use the border crisis as a key issue in his presidential election campaign and is seeking to deny President Biden a resolution to the problem or a political win.

Was Trump’s Border Policy Successful?

Research by the conservative Cato Institute found that Trump’s border policy failed:

President Trump’s top policy priority was supposedly “border security.” But government data show that he failed to improve it. Border Patrol recorded 41 percent more successful illegal entries in fiscal year 2019 than in 2016 and was on pace for 47 percent more through four months of 2020. As he left office in January, reports indicate that the numbers have reached even greater heights.

the government records show that Border Patrol was observing more immigrants sneaking into the country than when President Trump took office. In fiscal year 2016, Border Patrol agents witnessed about 100,000 successful entries. By 2018, the number had risen to nearly 128,000. In 2019, it hit 150,000. Through four months of 2020, it was on pace to hit almost 156,000.

Trump failed to close the border as president, and his policy resulted in more illegal immigration, not less. Donald Trump is trying to kill a border bill that would solve a problem before the 2024 election because he is putting himself ahead of the country.

The former president’s policies failed, and he is blocking the nation from achieving success.

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