Trump Has A Super Bowl Meltdown And Attacks Taylor Swift

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Trump spent Super Bowl Sunday taking credit for Taylor Swift’s career, claiming that she owes him, and called Swift disloyal.

What Did Trump Say About Taylor Swift?

Trump posted on Truth Social, “I signed and was responsible for the Music Modernization Act for Taylor Swift and all other Musical Artists. Joe Biden didn’t do anything for Taylor, and never will. There’s no way she could endorse Crooked Joe Biden, the worst and most corrupt President in the History of our Country, and be disloyal to the man who made her so much money. Besides that, I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he may be a Liberal, and probably can’t stand me!”

Why Taylor Swift Doesn’t Have To Endorse Biden

You know what else Donald Trump did to Taylor Swift and every woman in the United States? He nominated three Supreme Court justices who took away their right to make their own healthcare decisions, and their freedom to control their own bodies.

Taylor Swift is the only person who deserves credit for her success. She was a star while Donald Trump was slumming it on reality TV, pretending to be a titan of business.

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Trump’s comments about Taylor Swift were telling because they revealed how the former president views the world.

Donald Trump thinks everyone is selfish and motivated by money, just like he is. Trump views governance as transactional. He did something for someone, and now that person owes him loyalty forever.

Taylor Swift hasn’t said a word about the 2024 election, besides her ongoing efforts to get people to register and vote.

However, Swift doesn’t have to say who she is voting for. She doesn’t need to endorse Biden for the Swifties to know.

Trump and MAGA appear to be terrified of the potential political power of Taylor Swift.

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