Trump Is Now Publicly Tampering With Georgia Witnesses

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Trump told former Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan not to testify before the Fulton County grand jury and is tampering with a witness in the investigation.

On Truth Social, Trump wrote (Bold mine):

I am reading reports that failed former Lt. Governor of Georgia, Jeff Duncan, will be testifying before the Fulton County Grand Jury. He shouldn’t. I barely know him but he was, right from the beginning of this Witch Hunt, a nasty disaster for those looking into the Election Fraud that took place in Georgia. He refused having a Special Session to find out what went on, became very unpopular with Republicans (I refused to endorse him!), and fought the TRUTH all the way. A loser, he went to FNCNN!

Trump tampered with 1/6 committee witnesses. Trump tampered with Mueller investigation witnesses. Trump appears to be tampering with the witnesses in the Jack Smith brought indictments, and Trump is suspected of tampering with the witnesses in the New York cases and investigations of him.

Witness tampering is one of the tactics that Trump learned from his father and Roy Cohen.

Since Trump hasn’t been indicted yet, it will be interesting to see what DA Fani Willis can do about it. Geoff Duncan has been a vocal critic of Trump, so the witness tampering will fail.

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