Trump Looks To Be On His Way To Bankruptcy

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According to Lawrence O’Donnell, Trump is facing so many civil lawsuits that in the next few years, he could have a billion dollars in judgments against him.

O’Donnell said:

E. Jean Carroll has sent Donald Trump on his way to bankruptcy. With the $90 million he now owes E. Jean Carroll as of tonight. That’s $80.3 million added to the $5.6 million that a jury returned for E. Jean Carroll in the same courtroom last year and with interest running on both of those judgments, interest. Remember, the interest that everyone has forgotten about. Donald Trump is already around $90 million in debt to E. Jean Carroll. And that debt increases every single day that it is not paid because of the interest added by law to that amount every day that it remains unpaid. And that could be the smallest debt that Donald Trump owes after a New York judge enters a judgment in a civil fraud case against Donald Trump in which the New York state attorney general is sinking $370 million.

And that’s not all. Don’t stop there. There are much bigger possible judgments coming. Washington, D.C. juries could make that New York number look small if they returned verdicts against Donald Trump in the civil cases brought against him by 11 members of the House of Representatives. That’s 11 plaintiffs who are suing Donald Trump for in fact threatening their lives on January 6th by sending his mob to the Capitol.

There are also three police officers who are suing Donald Trump for the threats in injuries that they suffered on January 6th. Each one of those plaintiff’s cases, each one of them could be getting hundreds of millions of dollars in the same Washington, D.C., courthouse where a civil jury returned a verdict of $148 million against Rudolph Giuliani for the defamation of two Georgia election workers,Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss.

Donald Trump could be facing court orders to pay a billion dollars or more in the next few years. And those, D.C., jurors are going to get to hear Donald Trump saying in depositions that he’s worth ten billion dollars. Those jurors are gonna hear statements from Donald Trump that he’s worth much more money than his accounting of his assets show. And so, the 90 million, 400 million, depending on exactly when she collects it, that E. Jean Carroll is now on our way to collecting from Donald Trump could just be the beginning of Donald Trump’s collapse into bankruptcy because of all the willful and stupid ways Donald Trump has broken the law, the law that E. Jean Carroll used to crash Donald Trump in court to humiliate him, to the point where he stopped out of the courtroom during final arguments is the oldest law that Donald Trump has found himself subject to.


Many people may have forgotten about the civil lawsuits brought against Trump in relation to the 1/6 attack. Those plaintiffs are likely to put Trump deeper in the hole. Donald Trump’s problems are mounting. While his Florida properties have grown in value reportedly, the rest of his business appears to have flatlined.

Whether MAGA wants to face it or not, their strongman hero could be broke and asking for a handout.

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