Trump Seems Already Scared Of Debating President Biden

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In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Trump criticized the non-partisan commission that overseas presidential debates but claimed he would still debate.

Transcript via Hugh Hewitt:

HH: Will you debate Joe Biden if he is the nominee and you are the nominee?

DT: Oh, will I look forward to that. How about 10 debates? How about 10…

HH: Well, will you let the Presidential Debate Commission organize them? Or will it be your campaign manager, Susie, with their campaign manager, because that Presidential Debate Commission is corrupt.

DT: They’re corrupt, and we had, remember when they turned off my microphone?

HH: Yes.

DT: Remember that? They kept turning off my mic.

HH: I also remember they cancelled a debate without talking to anybody.

DT: That’s right. No, they’re totally corrupt. They’re totally Democrat-leaning, that’s being nice when I use the word leaning. They are totally corrupt, and they’re terrible. With that being said, I would do 20 debates even if it was organized by them. I’ll do as many debates as they want. I’d do a debate every night with this guy. But he’ll never show up to a debate.

HH: Will you do a debate with any of the Republican people challenging you if, after New Hampshire, there’s only one Republican left? Will you debate that Republican?

DT: Yeah, I would, if it’s very close. I would debate that Republican. Yeah, but it’s not close.

HH: You want me as your moderator?

DT: I’m leading, you would be a good moderator. You always are.

HH: All right. Thank you.

DT: You’re always fair and tough.

By criticizing the non-partisan Commission On Presidential Debates, Trump is laying the groundwork for either not showing up for debates, or explaining away getting beaten by Biden by claiming that the debates are rigged. Trump has in the past threatened not to show up for presidential debates with Biden in 2024 unless they are on conservative networks and hosted by conservative journalists.

Trump got away with not debating in the Republican presidential primary, so it should be expected that he will threaten to, or try not to debate in the general election.

Donald Trump seems afraid to debate, and until his boast about being willing to do 20 debates is backed by actually showing up, no one should believe his words, when his actions suggest that he will try to avoid debating President Biden.

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