Trump Tantrums As Media Covers Biden Going To Israel Instead Of Him

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President Biden is doing his job on the world stage, and Donald Trump can’t handle that the media is not paying attention to him.

This was Trump’s most recent Truth Social post, “I’m at one of my many Biden Witch Hunt Trials, this one in New York City, where New York State Attorney General Letitia “Peekaboo” James has spent many days, rather than looking for murderers and other violent criminals that are destroying our once Great City. Despite my being here, the talk is all about Biden getting ready to fly to the Middle East to see Abbas, meeting arranged, and Abbas just cancelled. No respect for the United States of America!”

Trump’s post was an admission that his visits to the courthouse in Manhattan are a publicity stunt. The only way that Trump can get media attention and free coverage is by showing up in court.

The former president was outraged that the press would pay more attention to the President Of The United States at a time of war than his attempts to use his business’s fraud trial as a platform to get on television.

Trump’s schtick has been deemed not newsworthy regarding live coverage by outlets outside of conservative media. Donald Trump still doesn’t get it. The press has caught on. It is not 2016 anymore. The networks aren’t going to give him live coverage of his every movement. He is not the president. Joe Biden is.

Republicans have a big problem. Trump has killed grassroots enthusiasm for their party while also spending more time in court and talking about the cases against him than campaigning on the issues.

A Republican presidential candidate should be talking about what is going on in the news and presenting a counter vision to their likely opponent.

Trump is off in his own universe, and just like in the House Representatives, Republicans are a rudderless ship spinning in circles with no one at the helm.

The media is still relying on broken polls, but Democrats could have an advantage in 2024 because Joe Biden is leading the world while Trump is sitting at defense tables.

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