Trump’s New Campaign Video Is Demented Late Night Infomercial of Hallucinogenic Gibberish

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If this Trump video is an example of what Republicans are going to put forward as a choice before the American voter, the GOP is in big trouble.

Trump said, “Crooked Joe Biden’s targeted weaponized DOJ and FBI are a grave threat to our democracy. They are doing Crooked’s dirty work in attacking and persecuting Trump and only doing so because I’m crushing DeSanctimonious in the polls. If I weren’t winning in the polls, they wouldn’t be doing it. if I weren’t running, they definitely wouldn’t be doing it. This is planned election interference of the highest magnitude and used to only happen in third-world countries, but now it is happening in the USA.

Fact: Trump was under criminal investigation before he launched his presidential campaign, so the idea that the investigations and the indictments would not be happening if he wasn’t running is absurdly false.

Trump still can’t think of a nickname for Joe Biden, but since he is desperate to relive the 2016 campaign, he has taken the Crooked nickname away from Hillary Clinton and repurposed it for Joe Biden.

If a person watching Trump didn’t consume Fox News or conservative media, would they have a clue what he was talking about?

The video is conservative media conspiracies, Trump nicknames, and gibberish. It makes no sense. It is like Trump took a bunch of mushrooms watched Fox News for six straight hours and then cut a video.

Who is this video appealing to that wasn’t already voting for Donald Trump?

The video is a mess and it is read off of the teleprompter in Trump’s infomercial pitchman voice.

‘We must stop Crooked, and for just $49.95, you can get a box of fresh Trump Steaks delivered to your door.’

The video sounds demented, and that is what Republicans are going to stand up as their vision for the future in 2024.

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