Trump’s New Year’s Message Shows That It Is Killing Him That America Has Moved On

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Trump posted his New Year’s message from his little isolated social media corner and showed a jilted ex-president who can’t move on.

Trump posted on Truth Social, “HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of the Radical Left Democrats, Marxist Lunatics, China loving Coco Chow and her Obedient Husband, Mitch, and Clueless RINOS, who are working so hard to DESTROY our once great Country. More importantly, HAPPY NEW YEAR to the Incredible, Brave, and Strong American Patriots who Built, Love, and Cherish America. The REAL leaders of our Country will always remain FAITHFUL and LOYAL to you. The USA will be back, Bigger & Better & Stronger than ever before. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!”

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America is doing better without Trump than it was with him.

The failed former president railed against all his imagined enemies while pretending that the United States is in decline and that he would lead it back. The nation has heard some version of this same message from Trump for the last seven years.

Trump can’t get over being a presidential failure. He can’t move on. Donald Trump is stuck at two points in the recent. He keeps trying to relive 2016 and erase his defeat in 2020.

Trump has taken over the Republican Party, so it is also trapped with the failed former president. The odds are decent that Donald Trump will be indicted by someone somewhere in 2023, but unless he is convicted and banned from running for president, he will be running for president and in a position to win the Republican nomination.

Donald Trump has been dumped, but he won’t let go. He is a sad man living in a fantasy world Barbie Dream House who lusts for a return to power and the destruction of American democracy.

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