Trump’s Numbers Appear Inflated As Undecided Voters Don’t Believe He’ll Be The Nominee

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Research from the Biden campaign reveals that undecided voters aren’t paying attention to the 2024 election. They don’t believe that Trump will be the nominee, which suggests that Trump’s current polling numbers are inflated.

Undecided Voters Aren’t Paying Attention To The Republican Primary

CNN reported:

Even as the Biden reelection campaign forges ahead with preparations for another potential general election match-up between Biden and his predecessor, it is grappling with a stubborn reality: The majority of undecided voters simply do not seem to believe – at least not yet – that Donald Trump is likely to be the Republican presidential nominee.

According to the campaign’s internal research, this is the case for most of the undecided voters that the campaign is targeting – nearly three-in-four of them, senior Biden campaign officials told CNN. Those officials said one of the biggest reasons driving this is the simple fact that many voters are not paying close attention to the election, including the ins and outs of the GOP nomination process.

“You can’t conceive of how tuned out these folks are,” one senior campaign official said.

The high support for Trump in polling appears to be a byproduct of the fact that the people who are most likely to respond to a poll are part of the roughly 20%-25% of voters who are paying attention to the Republican primary and the 2024 election.

This reality lends credibility to the point that the polls are meaningless right now and not reflective of the electorate or what it will look like in the fall.

Trump continues to spread his new big lie that he is leading in all of the polls, but if most of the electorate isn’t paying attention, then the polls have little to no value.

It seems that undecided voters refuse to believe that Republicans would nominate Trump again, and when they realize that Trump is the Republican nominee, support for the former president and the GOP could sink like a rock.

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