Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Show Has Crashed And Burned

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Tucker Carlson’s views for his shows on Twitter are plummeting and getting lower with each new episode.

Here are Tucker Carlson’s views for his Twitter show in two lists. The first list is the actual number of views for each episode. The second chart is Elon Musk’s version of views. (Twitter abandoned the standard views statistic for its own calculations.):

i have the declining Tucker Carlson on Twitter *video views* stats for you (# of times the video played for at least 0:02).

Announcement: 28.9M

Ep. 1: 26.7M

Ep. 2: 13.9M

Ep. 3: 22.1M

Ep. 4: 10.2M

Ep. 5: 6.4M

Ep. 6: 8.5M

Ep. 7: 5.5M

Ep. 8: 3.8Mhttps://t.co/c29SLOQzGL

— Matt Binder (@MattBinder) July 7, 2023

Carlson got a big bump for episode three because that was Trump’s federal indictment, but otherwise, the trendline has been pointing down, and he shedding viewers with each episode.

The answer to why Tucker Carlson’s show on Twitter is failing is not hard to figure out. Tucker was a product of Fox News. Without the big Fox platform to help him set narratives and reach elected Republicans, Carlson is just another voice in the wild. It was never Tucker Carlson that moved Republican narratives, but the power of the 8 PM weeknight Fox News timeslot.

The Murdochs believe that no one is bigger than the Fox News brand. Tucker Carlson thought he was and he could do huge numbers on his own.

Carlson has gone from dominating conservative media and bullying elected Republicans to filming in his shed and guesting on Russell Brand’s podcast.

The mighty didn’t just fall. He stepped on a rake and faceplanted in the middle of the yard.

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