Union Workers Win Again As GM Settles UAW Strike With 25% Raise

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GM matched Ford and settled the United Auto Workers strike by agreeing to a 25% raise for union workers.

The news:

BREAKING: General Motors has agreed to provide 25% wage increases to UAW members, matching the same offer by Ford, to end the six-week strike, sources tell @DavidWelch47 and @gablova

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) October 27, 2023

This is great news for autoworkers who have been on strike for the last six weeks, and as anyone who is a member of a union household can tell you, strikes are hard times. Walking the picket line while having no money coming in with bills to pay and often a family at home is very stressful.

If anyone believes that the workers were not helped by having a pro-worker president showing up on the picket line to support them, they are kidding themselves. Trump who is one of the most anti-worker presidents in decades showed no support for the strike and tried to use it as a platform for his presidential campaign.

While not returning to their glory days of decades ago, unions are enjoying several high profile victories. There is strength in being a member of a union, and that strength got UAW workers a 25% raise from two of the Big Three US automakers.

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