VITRIOL Streams New Single “Shame And Its Afterbirth”

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Vitrol is now streaming their new single “Shame And Its Afterbirth” off their new record Suffer & Become due out January 26. The single comes alongside a video shot and directed by Karl Whinnery.

“‘Shame’ begins the story of Suffer & Become with a celebration of our nature,” said Vitrol guitarist and vocalist Kyle Rasmussen. “It speaks to how modernity estranges one from the voiceless voice within them, and on the consequences of ignoring the call of their instincts. It also happens to be my favorite song (musically) that I’ve ever written. I set out to carve deep valleys and build tall mountains when writing this album, and I believe this song to be the best example of that achievement.”

Pre-orders for Suffer & Become are available here. Suffer & Become was produced by Rasmussen and mixed by Dave Otero (Archspire, Cattle Decapitation). On the record and its relationship to Vitrol‘s 2019 record To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice, Rasmussen said: “Living in the world of that first album was very difficult for me. It’s not a nice place. It was very intentionally imbalanced in the same way a horror film is imbalanced. I wanted a healthier world for me to live in, and I believe I achieved that.”

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