White Fox News Guy Jesse Watters Says Kamala Harris And MSNBC Are Lying About Slavery

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Jesse Watters claimed that Vice President Kamala Harris and MSNBC are lying about slavery and that it is a fact that being enslaved allowed African-Americans to learn skills and become resilient.

Watters said on The Five:

Everybody knows she’s lying. I have to ask the African Americans watching what’s it like to be lied to by Kamala Harris? What’s it like to be lied to by these buffoons on MSNBC who did not read the curriculum or have no idea what the story is, have no idea what’s going down in Florida, and they act upset. They act enraged on your behalf based on a lie. I have an African American PhD. that we just heard from, Dr. Alan will be on the show tonight.

He says this right here. This is well documented among historians. This is a historical fact that to develop skills while they were enslaved and then use those skills as blacksmiths, as agriculture, tailoring, the shipping business, to benefit themselves and their families once they were freed. It speaks to the resilience and aptitude of the enslaved African Americans who at the time were able to better themselves and able to improve their situation despite brutal, brutal conditions, horrific and abhorrent conditions.


It takes a lot of white entitlement to look into a television camera and claim that Vice President Kamala Harris, who is black and Asian, is lying about the slave experience. There are multiple levels of reasoning behind why Fox News is going all in on the slavery wasn’t so bad line. The network is trying to defend Ron DeSantis, who still could defy the odds and win the Republican presidential nomination. Fox News is also fully committed to the culture war issues, and even though slavery should be something that every human being shares the same view on (hint: it’s a bad thing), Fox News sees an opportunity to divide the country even more.

Slavery isn’t the issue that is being debated here. The issue is whether or not Americans will live in a world of facts and whether our children will learn about ugly truths like the nation’s history of slavery and the ongoing history of racial discrimination.

American conservatives aren’t waging a culture war with Democrats. They are at war in their minds with facts and reality.

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