With The Media Banned, Mike Johnson Thought It Was Safe To Compare Himself To Moses. He Was Wrong.

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Speaker Mike Johnson was caught on tape comparing himself to Moses and claimed that he is leading the country through a ‘Red Sea moment.”

Right Wing Watch reported:

When Johnson took to the stage, he thanked the NACL for banning media from the event, claiming that the media loves to “pick my comments out of context.”

“The Lord impressed upon my heart a few weeks before this happened that something was going to occur,” Johnson said. “And the Lord very specifically told me in my prayers to prepare, but to wait.”

“I had this sense that we were going to come to a Red Sea moment in our Republican conference and in the county at large,” he continued. “[God] had been speaking to me about this, and the Lord told me very clearly to prepare and be ready.”


Mike Johnson told a gathering of Christian nationalists last night that weeks before he became House Speaker, “the Lord told me very clearly” to prepare to become a “Moses” who will lead the nation through a “Red Sea moment.” https://t.co/DDsoZOcNC6 pic.twitter.com/exCrSnsW2Y

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) December 6, 2023

Only a delusional theocrat could believe that he was put into place by God instead of House Republican ineptitude and desperation.

If Mike Johnson was chosen by God to be the Speaker of the House, why did God have to run through 4 other choices first? Was Johnson the last potential speaker at the end of the bench for God? Shouldn’t God be better at whipping votes and getting her first choice elected?

Speaker Johnson’s claim defies all common sense.

God wanted him to be speaker, but first had to test all of the other options out first.

It is easy to laugh at Johnson, but he is a dangerous theocrat with alarming views on women. Mike Johnson is second in line to the presidency, and that fact is a clear and present danger to the Republic.

Johnson thought the media was banned, so he could share his true thoughts, but the cameras are always on, and the nation got insight into who Mike Johnson really is.

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