WOE, IS ME Streams New Single “Hard To Live” Feat. RENESANS Frontman

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Woe, Is Me is now streaming their third reunion single “Hard To Live” featuring Renesans frontman David Benites. If you’re in the mood for an early 2010s-styled metalcore banger with a big, catchy chorus, then you’re gonna love this. “Hard To Live” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Scott Seigel and given a visualizer by Gavin Tiltshift.

“This one is very special to us and goes out to anyone that may be struggling with depression or going through a tough time,” said Woe, Is Me of the single. “We love you all.”

Woe, Is Me reunited in 2022 and is currently vocalists Hance Alligood and Michael Bohn, guitarists Kevin Hanson and Andrew Paiano, bassist Cory Ferris, keyboardist Ben Ferris, and drummer Matthew Whyde.

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