YEAR OF THE KNIFE’s Members Are Back To Rehearsing After Their Horrific Accident

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Year Of The Knife were sadly involved in a terrible car accident on June 28 that left vocalist Madi Watkins in critical condition, and the rest of the band with other traumas. Fortunately the band has recovered, and Madi Watkins has finally made her way back home after months of surgeries and cognitive therapy. Now, in the wake of such a horrific few months, Year Of The Knife‘s members are back to making music in their other project Damnations Domain.

Damnations Domain features Madi Watkins on bass and Year Of The Knife guitarist and bassist Brandon Watkins on vocals. You can check out some footage below, which is heartwarming as fuck. It’s also heavy. It’s both, you know? You can also check out Damnations Domain here on Bandcamp. They rule.

You can also still donate to Year Of The Knife‘s recovery fund here, which seeks to help the band get back on their feet after loads of medical bills and associated costs.

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