You Can Finally Own JONATHAN DAVIS’ Iconic KORN Tracksuit

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Korn has finally collaborated with clothing brand Adidas nearly 30 years after releasing their song “A.D.I.D.A.S.”, which was very much not about the brand. The collaboration is available on the band’s website and includes a recreation of Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis‘ iconic purple tracksuit. The recreated jacket costs $200 and the pants cost another $100, so get your wallet ready! There are also some t-shirts and shoes available, which you can check out here.

Despite the song using the brand’s name as an acronym in their 1996 track, Korn ultimately signed a deal with clothing company Puma in 1998. Adidas certainly sent the band some gear, but the two never officially collaborated on anything… until now.

Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis told Kerrang! in 2021 that he was pretty pissed at the time that Adidas turned the band down. Doubly so in recent years that other artists got deals with the company, but not Korn.

“Get this shit,” said Davis. “Their reply was, ‘adidas is a sports company. We do sports, not music.’ I would look out into the crowd and see all these kids wearing adidas shit at our shows, but they couldn’t do anything for us. Then you’ve got Kanye West and all these other people with their own [custom] shoes [in the years since]. What the flying fuck?!”

“We switched to Puma because they told us they’d put us in a commercial and give us a little money to wear their shit. We were just like, ‘Fuck yeah! That’s more than adidas ever did for us!’ It wasn’t a sell-out thing. It was about respect.”

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