ZACK DE LA ROCHA Returned To The Stage After His Severe Leg Injury, But With RUN THE JEWELS

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Rage Against The Machine sadly had to cut their reunion tour short after vocalist Zack De La Rocha sustained a serious injury to his leg. De La Rocha injured his leg at the start of the band’s reunion tour in 2022, which originally resulted in a cancelation of their upcoming UK and European dates and de la Rocha heading to physical rehab. Unfortunately the injury was much more severe than previously thought, and Rage Against The Machine had to cancel their 2023 North American dates as well.

Fortunately it seems like things are going better for De La Rocha these days, as he just made his first appearance back on stage with Run The Jewels at a recent show. Check out footage of De La Rocha joining Run The Jewels for his guest spot on “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” during an October 12 show at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA.

In a statement around the time of his injury, De La Rocha revealed “I have a severe tear in my left Achilles tendon and only 8% of my tendon was left intact. And even that portion was severely compromised. It’s not simply a question of being able to perform again, but extends to basic functionality going forward. That’s why I’ve made the painful and difficult decision to cancel the remaining shows on our 2023 North American leg.”

As for Rage Against The Machine continuing their reunion tour at some point in the future, who knows.

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