A simple mindset shift will solve most of your business problems. 

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Ali has experienced many failures in business causing him to rethink the idea of business. Until he shifted his mindset and understood the simple law of compensation.

“Find a way to add value to someone’s life, through a product or service, and become irreplaceable at what you do”.

Ali now helps realtors become 7 figure business owners by setting up client acquisition channels. Here’s his take on four beliefs that will shift your mindset allowing you to solve most business problems. 

This is not fluff. What I’m about to share with you rests at the core of success. It has been preached by many successful men starting from Andrew Carnegie to the successful men of today such as Bob Proctor. 

There is one common element in every business that you will pursue, and that’s ‘YOU’. 

It does not matter which software, script, or hack you have. All of it will crumble if you do not have the beliefs, characteristics, and skills needed. 

Every Problem Has a Solution

In business, problems are like puzzles. When you believe this, you know that there’s always a way to figure things out. It’s like finding the missing piece of a puzzle. So, when you face a problem, you can use your thinking to come up with a solution. This helps you stay positive and not get stuck.

Pain and Failure Are Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Mistakes and things that don’t work are normal, even in business. When you understand this, you don’t feel bad about them. Instead, you learn from them and get better. It’s like learning how to ride a bike – you might fall, but you keep trying until you can ride smoothly. Mistakes are just steps on the way to success.

Success Favors the Persistent

Being persistent means not giving up, even when things are hard. When you believe in being persistent, you keep trying, even if you don’t succeed right away. It’s like planting a seed and taking care of it until it grows into a big tree. Success comes to people who keep going, even when things seem tough.

Be Clear on What You Want

Imagine having a treasure map. When you know exactly where you want to go, it’s easier to find the treasure. In business, when you have a clear idea of your goals, it helps you make good decisions. It’s like having a compass that guides you in the right direction. Being clear about your goals helps you stay on track.

Take Massive Action

Imagine you have a big goal, like building a tall tower. You don’t just talk about it; you start putting blocks in place. Taking massive action is like building a tower – you do big, important things to make your goal happen. It’s not just thinking or talking; it’s doing things that move you forward.


Thinking in these ways can make your business journey better. Your thoughts are like tools that help you solve problems, learn from mistakes, keep going when things are tough, know where you’re headed, and take big steps toward your goals. Fixing your mindset is like having a superpower that helps you solve any business problem and find success on your journey.

Ali Sayed – owner of Onestep Agency 



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