BAPTISTS Breaks Up Due To Allegations Against Their Vocalist

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After three albums between 2013 and 2018 and a prolonged silence in recent years, Baptists has broken up. The band cites “allegations of harmful conduct involving our singer, Andrew Drury” as the reason for their end, later saying they felt there was no good way to move forward as a group.

“Due to allegations of harmful conduct involving our singer, Andrew Drury, we have parted ways with him, effectively ending Baptists. We believe the people who have brought their concerns forward, and hope that by stating this publicly those individuals will feel heard and the risk of future harm will be reduced. The safety and well-being of our friends and community are important to us, and it is clear that we can not move forward as a group. Please message us if you have any immediate concerns.”

Well this all sucks. Hopefully the remaining members of Baptists can get out there and doing something great.

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