Biden Can’t Hold Back His Laughter When Asked About Trump’s Mugshot

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President Biden laughed and then called Trump a “handsome guy” when he was asked for a reaction to Donald Trump’s Georgia mugshot.


Biden laughs and says “handsome guy” when asked about Trump’s mugshot.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) August 25, 2023

Biden was asked if he had seen Trump’s mugshot.

The President answered while laughing, “I did see it on television. Handsome guy. Wonderful guy.”

The laughter from the President was a giveaway.

Joe Biden didn’t get Donald Trump indicted. Trump got Trump indicted.

Donald Trump chose to try to overturn the election results in Georgia. Donald Trump decided to commit crimes because he could not handle the reality of defeat. There is only one person who is responsible for Trump’s indictment, and that is the former president.

The Trump campaign can try to play off the mugshot as a win, but it is most definitely not a win. Trump is a joke. The mugshot is Donald Trump’s presidential portrait.

President Biden tried to play it straight, and his answer didn’t say anything that could interfere or be prejudicial to the ongoing legal process, but when his likely opponent in 2024 is dominating the news headlines with a mugshot, it is a good place to be for an incumbent president who is running for another term in office.

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