Biden Has Rattled Trump By Calling Him A Loser

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According to a person close to Donald Trump, President Biden calling Trump a loser has the former president rattled.

CNN reported:

Biden has been hoping Trump is paying attention. And, people close to Trump tell CNN, he is.

“I do think he’s trying to get under his skin, and I think it’s the smartest thing the Biden campaign has done yet,” a person close to Trump said. “It rattles him and takes him off message.”

Part of it is personal: Biden enjoys mocking an opponent he finds so offensive. Part of it is strategic: the president and his campaign operatives are hoping to trigger a man well known for watching his own coverage, obsessing over what people say about him or responding in ways the Biden team hopes will make him look ridiculous and give them more grist for attacks.

Biden has been living in Trump’s head for years, and it makes sense that as the former president has acted even more unhinged than ever, President Biden would see that as an opportunity to nudge Trump a little closer to the edge. Every time Trump loses it on national TV, he gives the Biden campaign exactly what it wants.

The main difference between Trump in 2016 and 2024 is that Trump was relentless in staying on message against Hillary Clinton. In 2024, Trump has no message, and if he did, he couldn’t stick to any single point for more than a few seconds.

President Biden is the sharper, smarter, and more disciplined candidate, and he is using those skills to his best to make Trump look unelectable in the eyes of voters.

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