Biden Not Expected To Be Criminally Charged For Classified Documents

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The special counsel investigating Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents is expected not to charge anyone in the investigation.

CNN reported:

Special counsel Robert Hur is not expected to charge anyone in connection with the mishandling of classified documents at two locations connected to President Joe Biden, two sources close to the investigation told CNN.

Hur and his team are compiling a detailed report on their year-long probe that is expected to be critical of Biden and his staff for the way they handled sensitive materials. The report is expected to go into significant detail about what the special counsel’s office found in its investigation.

Investigators on Hur’s team have told other Justice Department officials that they hope to have the report completed by the end of the year, but that timeline could slide.

The special counsel is expected to be critical of how the Biden team handled the documents but determine that there was no criminal conduct.

Cue the howls of Trump and Republicans as soon as they read this news.

The difference between Biden and Trump is that Biden followed the law. When the President’s team found documents in their possession, they turned them over.

Trump lied to the federal government, refused to turn the documents over, and shared classified information with numerous people.

Biden and Trump aren’t in the same galaxy when it comes to the handling of classified information.

The contrast between the two demonstrates that Donald Trump created all of his problems by refusing to turn over the property of the United States government.

Biden did nothing wrong, so it makes sense that he would not be criminally charged.

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