Cassidy Hutchinson Says Rudy Giuliani Sexually Assaulted Her On 1/6

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In a new book, Cassidy Hutchinson details how Rudy Giuliani stuck his hand up her skirt in a tent before Trump spoke on 1/6.

Hutchinson wrote, according to quotes published by The Guardian:

“I find Rudy in the back of the tent with, among others, John Eastman,” she continues. “The corners of his mouth split into a Cheshire cat smile. Waving a stack of documents, he moves towards me, like a wolf closing in on its prey.

“‘We have the evidence. It’s all here. We’re going to pull this off.’ Rudy wraps one arm around my body, closing the space that was separating us. I feel his stack of documents press into the small of my back. I lower my eyes and watch his free hand reach for the hem of my blazer.

“‘By the way,’ he says, fingering the fabric, ‘I’m loving this leather jacket on you.’ His hand slips under my blazer, then my skirt,” Hutchinson writes.

What Hutchinson described was sexual assault. Giuliani touched her in a sexual way without her consent.

This is part of a pattern of behavior for Giuliani.

Trump’s former lawyer and current criminal co-defendant is also being sued by a former employee for sexual abuse.

Donald Trump and his co-conspirators are the lowest of the low.

Given that Trump has been found to be a rapist, it is not surprising that he surrounds himself with alleged fellow abusers.

For the good of the nation, Trump and his crew can never be returned to power.

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