Chuck Schumer Turns The Tables On Republicans Who Are Blocking Biden’s FAA Nominee

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Senate Republicans have been complaining about problems with the nation’s air travel system, but they have been blocking Biden’s nominee to run the FAA since March of 2022.

The FAA has been without permanent leadership since last March because Senate Republicans have been blocking Biden’s nominee to run the FAA.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that he will move to end the obstruction, “There is no doubt about it: it’s time to clear the runway for President Biden’s choice for FAA Administrator, Phil Washington. With recent events, including airline troubles and last week’s tech problem, this agency needs a leader confirmed by the Senate immediately. I intend to break this logjam, work to hold a hearing for Mr. Washington, where he can detail his experience and answer questions and then work towards a speedy Senate confirmation.”

The logical thing for Senate Republicans who might be concerned about Biden nominee Phil Washington’s experience level would be to hold a confirmation hearing to ask him about his qualifications, and then vote against him if they feel that Washington is not qualified.

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The illogical choice that Senate Republicans have made is to block Washington’s confirmation hearing. It is hypocritical for Senate Republicans to complain about air transportation problems while denying the FAA proper leadership.

The next time a Senate Republican complains in the press about the FAA and air travel, the first question that they should be asked is why are they blocking Biden’s nominee to run for FAA.

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