Clarence Thomas Has A Big Problem As The Senate Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Harlan Crow

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The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to subpoena Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo in a move that threatens to expose GOP corruption.

Senate Judiciary Democrats announced:

BREAKING: the Senate Judiciary Committee authorizes subpoenas for Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo relating to its Supreme Court ethics investigation.

— Senate Judiciary Committee (@JudiciaryDems) November 30, 2023

Senate Judiciary Chair Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has been signaling that the subpoenas were coming for the last few weeks. Crow and Leo have refused to cooperate with the Judiciary Committee investigation into the Supreme Court corruption scandal.

Republicans are already vowing revenge for the subpoenas, and Chief Justice John Roberts tried to head off a full-blown congressional investigation by having the court adopt a set of voluntary ethics rules that contain no mechanism for enforcement.

A Senate investigation into the gifts being taken by conservative Supreme Court justices from wealthy billionaires is terrible news for Clarence Thomas and the other justices in the majority. Justice Thomas appears to have been on the take from conservative billionaires for decades, and a full investigation may reveal enough grounds to justify impeachment.

Senate Judiciary Democrats are moving incrementally, but forcefully forward on an investigation that could rock the Supreme Court and provide an issue for the 2024 election.

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